We help to manage energy and mobility flows in our society through advanced technology solutions. Our mission is to enable people, data and goods to reach their destinations safely, sustainably and efficiently.

What we do

These are exciting and dynamic times: new technologies, new opportunities, new businesses disrupting the old. This is the world we live in, and this is the world in which we as Dynniq make a difference by touching the lives of millions of people every day. Over decades, we have gained profound knowledge and experience. Our solutions enable the development and efficient use of mobility and energy flows that create a vital and strong infrastructure. We focus on integrated solutions designed, implemented and maintained based on a sound systems engineering approach.

Our 1600 professionals work closely together with clients and business partners in Europe, South America, the United States and Canada. In doing so, we engage in a reliable, open and pro-active way to shape together smart mobility. We take a seat in your world!

Dynniq supply a wide range of Traffic Control and Monitoring Products including Traffic Controllers and associated Traffic Signals, Pedestrian facilities and Traffic Detection Products including loops and above ground.

Dynniq also offer a number of both standard and client specific ITS and C-ITS Systems to allow the central control and monitoring of traffic. These systems range from simple monitoring systems such as RMS that report problems with street based equipment to a control centre or office, through to the full Traffic Management and Control Systems such as UTC, SCOOT and UTMC.

We also have the capability to offer the emerging C-ITS Functionalities that include providing in-vehicle APPs that provide information to the driver such as speed advice and the status of traffic lights ahead, as well as allowing the system to be aware of the vehicles, and the type of vehicles that are using the road network allowing it to both optimise and prioritise.

Dynniq provide a wide range of Installation and Maintenance Services associated with the above Products and Systems as well as the hosting and maintenance of third party equipment as a part of area wide contracts.

Our Products

Traffic Management System (TMS SCOOT)
Remote Monitoring System (RMS)
ImCity (Common Database)
ImFlow (C-ITS Compliant Adaptive Algorithm)
Ramp Metering (Signalised Control of Motorway Slip Roads)
Virtual Emissions Monitor (VEM)
GreenFlow for Cyclists, Pedestrians, Trucks & Emergency Vehicles

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