Robust IoT devices for drainage, waste collection, crash barriers, and other applications.

Utilising existing 2G, 4G, and 5G networks DMSLive products provide live status updates on some of your most important assets. By monitoring water level and blockages, bin waste level, and crash barrier impacts, our devices will help cut your maintenance budgets, and allow you to respond much quicker (and often preemptively) to important events like flooding and road traffic accidents. Our UK-manufactured devices are plug-and-play, and can all be viewed on our intuitive online portal, with no training or system implementation required.

Adam Crawford

Head of Sales

Tel: 07973 988967


Tom Bennett

Commercial Director

Tel: 07771948039


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Our Services

Online Portal

Our online portal engages all of your users through simple intuitive design. For us it is important for users to be able to engage with the data, sensors and the physical asset simply and with minimal training. We blend user experience with capability for a simple, insightful software system.

Confirm Integration

Our products all integrate seamlessly into Confirm Enterprise Asset Management Software. This means you can manage your IoT devices from the same piece of software you use to track, manage, and maintain all your highways-related assets.

RFID tagging

All our products are RFID tagged, to the right data is paired with the right asset on your portal or Confirm platform. However, we also offer RFID tagging as a separate service for all your assets. If you add RFID tags to your assets, you can always be certain that any fault is logged against the correct asset, and likewise that maintenance work is conducted on the correct asset, and not a similar one close-by!

Our Products

  • Smart Grid
  • Smart Access Cover
  • Bin Sensors
  • Road Temperature Sensor
  • Crash Barrier Impact Sensor
  • Gate Sensor