Connor Specialist Paving Ltd

Delighted to share our expertise so as to solve the most challenging highway and urban surface problems. Our open and honest approach to business and collaborative journey with Local Authorities has enabled Connor Specialist Paving Ltd. to develop and provide a range of innovative products, and solutions to the sector. The most recent, Tac-Grid when applied across highway’s infrastructure schemes, assists with driving operational and social benefits, whilst enabling all members of society to have the confidence and freedom to navigate independently around all shared spaces.


Andrew Connor

Managing Director

Andrew manages the Health & Safety and Quality Assurance for our installations and products. He is very much a ‘hands on’ owner of the business.

Sandra Smith

Finance and Development Director

Sandra, a retired Bank Manager, manages the office and the financial side of the business.




James Grant

Chief Technology Officer, Live Beacon

James looks after our technology software and hardware development at our partner company.



What We Do

The Tac-Grid tactile solution from Connor Specialist Paving provides a reduced cost alternative to conventional methods of tactile paving whilst in addition having the benefit of enhancing the lives of not only visually impaired people but all pedestrian users.

Connor Specialist Paving are a socially aware organisation. Andrew Connor initially invented and developed Tac-Grid with the focus to eradicate trip hazards at pedestrian crossings. This is achieved by a unique approach which took over 10 years to perfect using the design registered Tac-Grid lattice (manufactured from recycled plastic) and specially blended MMA resin application, offering a continuous paving solution with no joints or raised edges etc.

Recently the solution has developed further with the introduction of an embedded beacon to provide audible prompts, with the hope and aspiration to offer people confidence when using our town centres.
All sites are laid in accordance with a robust QA system designed by Andrew Connor, who in addition to being the innovator, inventor and owner of the solution has over 35 years in the civils and ground working construction industry. The company holds all required supervisory and site management health and safety qualifications plus RAMS and CHAS certification.

We had the support of Blackpool Borough Council in being the first to install Tac-Grid in 2015 and in the most prominent of location outside the iconic Blackpool Tower.

In addition to the Tac-Grid system, Connor Specialist Paving Ltd offer a whole range of products and services supported by the required knowledge and expertise.