Coeval delivers infrastructure technology that advises and informs users to help create a safer environment for us all. We do this through a variety of intelligent Radio Linked LED Road Signs and Systems that not only provide clear, reliable and flexible messaging but also data and connectivity to feed wider highway information control systems.

Coeval offers a wide range of technical solutions for speed, hazard, safety, parking and over-height issues. These can be supplied as stand-alone new units or adapted to make use of existing street furniture to meet individual customer requirements.

In addition to the supply of our standard equipment, Coeval offers a bespoke service for customers with more specific challenges that require something a little different. We will work with you and our supply chain partners to develop an integrated solution that resolves your specific problem.

Coeval is committed to being at the cutting edge of new technology, with several new products including:

  • Cloud-based Remote Monitoring and Control (of signage products)
  • Ice Detection Systems
  • Lane Indicator Signs
  • Our new 12mm RGB signage
  • Portable traffic signals

We have over 30 years’ experience in electronics, industrial design and manufacturing with engineers who are fully trained in the workings of each product, many of which are unique to Coeval. We actively share this knowledge with our clients through system training; giving you the ability to manage and maintain your assets in-house with the confidence that we will remain on hand to support.

Our product range includes: School Safety Signs, Vehicle Speed Signs, Parking Signs, Over-height Vehicle Detection systems, Cloud-based Remote Monitoring and Control (of signage products), Portable VMS featuring our new 12mm RGB pixel pitch, Portable Traffic Signals and Lane Indicator Signs.

Richard Bevins

Managing Director


News, Events and Case Studies



Influencing speeding drivers

Influencing speeding drivers has a positive impact on road safety for all users – our range of speed reduction systems support this.

Warning of hazards ahead

Warning of hazards ahead is critical as our road networks are busier than ever – we support the protection of all road users against potential hazards with our range of intelligent warning systems.

Protecting children

Protecting children is critical, the walk between home and school is also a particularly vulnerable point for many – we have developed intelligent, flexible school sign solutions to help protect them.

Protecting bridges and tunnels

Protecting bridges and tunnels enables free flowing transport infrastructure for both road and rail – we have systems to prevent incidents associated with overheight and overweight vehicles.

Informing road users

Informing road users enables better decision making in a wide variety of situations – Coeval’s intelligent signage informs and advises which helps to keep traffic flowing and reduce congestion.

Controlling traffic

Controlling traffic helps to ensure road users can travel safely with less congestion – our temporary traffic light solution supports traffic management for temporary works.

Remote monitoring and control

Remote monitoring and control across our intelligent systems enables multiple operating functions through cloud-based connectivity; making the road a safer place for road users and road workers.

Providing data

Providing data is becoming crucial to the effective delivery of our transport networks – the provision of relevant information through our intelligent systems enables data driven decisions that improve how our networks operate.