Clearview Intelligence

Creating innovative solutions that harness intelligence to transform operator and driver behaviour, making travel easy, efficient and safe.

We provide technology solutions that support Active Travel, Network Optimisation and Route Safety. From highways to parking, we work with clients and partners to deploy the right solution and expertise to keep road users safe, traffic flowing and reduce congestion.

A significant part of what we do is the provision of data to enable network operators to make informed and effective decisions, from our Journey Time Monitoring application to a variety of count and classification data for vehicles, cycles and pedestrians.

By providing data and intelligence to both local authorities and road users, our solutions:

  • Improve safety through innovative scheme designs that meet the needs of road users, enhancing visibility and directly influencing driver behaviour to reduce the likelihood and severity of accidents.
  • Support pro-active management of the road network to ensure the smooth efficient flow of traffic, minimise environmental impact of congestion and offer better journey choices to all users.

Clearview is proud to have worked with local authorities across the UK for over 45 years.

Andy Salotti

Client Relationship Director


Peter Cattell

Senior Solutions Manager – North West and Midlands


Simon Waterfall

Client Relationship Manager


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Our Services

  1. Route Safety
    We implement effective road safety schemes that are proven to reduce accident rates and save lives. Our aim is to improve the safety of those that use, work on and are affected by the UK’s road network.
  2. Network Management 
    With the data and analysis we provide, road operators, car park mangers and users can make informed decisions. This could be on the environmental impact of a scheme, the efficient use of a network or providing users with improved journey choices.

Featured Products:

  • Enhanced Delineation System
  • Junction Warning System
  • Speed compliance System
  • Journey Time Monitoring Application
  • Wireless Vehicle Detection System
  • Cycle & Footpath Guidance
  • Cycle Detection System
  • Traffic Flow Monitoring System
  • Parking Guidance and Monitoring Systems