CB Surveys Ltd was established in 1999. We saw an opportunity for the design and planning of the BT overhead network. After a successful approach we soon moved into other areas of the utilities industry with a particular emphasis on pre-site, survey and training.

A natural progression saw us venture into providing services for Local Authorities. Ensuring that undertakers reinstate the highway to the required standard is our aim, we achieve this through defect identification. Over 20 years of experience has allowed us to form a unique team of trusted individuals with a reputation second to none.

We are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chris Brodie

Managing Director

Tony Mee

Operations Director

Jenny Hughes

Finance Manager

Luis Hitchmough

Training Manager

Sam Miller

Senior Site Engineer (Power)

Steve Haslehurst

Senior Site Engineer (Utilities)

Malcolm Fewkes

Senior Site Engineer (Highways)

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Our Services

Service 1

Street Works Inspections. CB Surveys carry out Street works inspections on reinstatements and work undertaken in the Highway by Utility companies. A simple process where we will only charge for reinstatements that fail to meet the criteria of the specification. This approach is risk free for the local authority and the charge can be passed on to the Utility companies. An inspection programme ensures Utility companies reinstate to the correct standard which will, in turn, prolong the life of the existing highway. Our inspectors have the knowledge to identify a defect that might otherwise gone unnoticed.

Service 2

Asset inspections. CB Surveys can inspect and report on any Local Authority assets. From street lighting columns to park benches we have experience in collating and maintaining a regular inspection program to ensure compliance. Our particular strength is in identifying issues quickly and concisely to enable immediate action where required. This has led to further work in the audit of grounds maintenance programs and ensuring KPI’s are met.

Service 3

Customer Liaison. CB Surveys provide a resource that can deal with virtually any customer issues that may arise in your data to day activities, we have extensive experience with customer complaints and a very solid track record in taking the sting out of a given situation. From missed waste collections through to large scale planning applications our team have the right approach to deliver and manage a respectful and calm resolution.

Our Products

  • NRSWA Inspections
  • EUSR Training
  • Asset Inspection
  • Auditing
  • Pre-Siting
  • KPI/SLA Inspection
  • Customer Liaison