BituChem Highway Solutions

What we do

We’ve worked with local authorities for the last thirty years, providing innovative and cost effective solutions.

Our LockChip – Sealed Surface Dressing system – which is the only product of its type to hold a Product Assessment Certificate, has been adopted by local authorities throughout the UK.

Introducing EcoPath

An innovative recycled footway micro developed with local authorities, EcoPath aims to bridge the gap between a slurry seal – the quality of which varies significantly, and a costly and time consuming plane-out and resurface. The main feature of EcoPath is that it can regulate worn surfaces and provide a durable aesthetic finish in one operation.

It helps Highway Asset Managers make the best use of their funding, whilst at the same time ensuring that the local authority’s statutory duty in keeping the footway safe, is met.

With DfT funding soon to be externally audited, it is important that a council can retain or reach ‘Level 3” in order to get 100% funding. It must demonstrate that it is working collaboratively with the supply chain, optimising the available funds and using sustainable products and services where possible.

Bituchem Highway Solutions are able to provide a one-stop shop. We’re totally self sufficient, so once a suitable site has been identified we can letter drop, side-out, prepare ironwork, clean, provide traffic management, lay the EcoPath and reopen the footpath.

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