Working solely for Local Authorities we have developed a successful NIL FEE model and system to support Local Authorities in resolving issues of outstanding Section 38 and Section 278 Agreements (Highways Act 1980).

What we do

We work closely with our Local Authority Clients and we have secured funding from Developers and Surety Providers which has facilitated £20M+ Highway Improvement Works benefiting circa 100,000 tax paying residents all at ZERO COST and no risk to the Local Authority.`

What we do

We provide an innovative and effective service which allows us to assist Local Authorities with the completion of required works to achieve adoption. Our model enables us to secure funds to achieve adoption on behalf of the Local Authority and their residents where a S38 or S278 Agreement is in place. The outcome of this has been to enable the Local Authority to continue to provide the services their residents expect in these times of reduced finances and budget restrictions faced by the Local Authority.

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