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ABG Geosynthetics offer a complete range of geosynthetics for use throughout the construction and maintenance of highways. Applications include highway drainage, structural drainage, embankment erosion control, retaining walls, pavement reinforcement


Amberon specialise in a wide range of temporary traffic management solutions. We are a National Highway Sector Scheme 12AB, 12D and 12C approved company which enables us to carry out all forms of traffic management both High and Low speed.


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Archway Roadmaster

Archway Roadmaster provides road cost effective and innovative road maintenance solutions to Local Authorities and Term Maintenance Contractors across the UK. Archway are the inventors and builders of the Roadmaster Spray Injection Patching Machine.

ASI Solutions

ASI Solutions Limited (ASI) supply Local Authorities with innovative solutions to extend the service life of asphalt. ASI is best known for it's asphalt preservative RHiNOPHALT®, which penetrates seasl and protects asphalt, extending pavement life.

Asphalt Group Ltd

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Bellavail IMS Ltd

Helping councils solve the problem of unadopted roads


BituChem Highway Solutions have worked with local authorities for the last thirty years, providing innovative and cost effective solutions.

Blakedale Ltd

Blakedale Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of Distance Marker Posts and Road Hazard Delineators and has been providing highway maintenance products and services to customers for over 30 years.


For more than 25 years, Carnell have provided specialist maintenance and cost-effective innovations that help the successful operation and management of the highways network. Carnell have a proven track record of collaborating with our clients and ot


LCRIG is in a unique position to be able to provide services free of charge to councils, council groups, associations, academia and key organisations due to the support and commitment that we receive from the supply chain, our Associate Members and Utility Members.

LCRIG invests a significant proportion of the income generated from these members to facilitate communication and collaboration within the ‘highways community’ and to ease the financial pressures for the councils, council groups, associations, academia and key organisations. Sponsorships and Memberships from Associate Members since September 2018 have enabled LCRIG to save council representatives, council groups, associations, academia and key organisations approximately £220,000 by providing free places to attend and present at Strictly Highways, Technical Training Days and other events.

Associate Members and Utility Members are invited to consider membership opportunities, advertising, recruitment services and event sponsorship opportunities to enable the ‘highways community’ to continue to thrive and to continue to grow.

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Within the next development phase of the LCRIG website we will be introducing the ‘marketplace’ service.  This service will facilitate members by enabling them to post and share their opportunities to buy, sell and lease equipment and vehicles.  In the meantime, LCRIG will support members by announcing opportunities to buy, sell and lease equipment and vehicles within the LCRIG Newsletter. Please contact us with details or requirements.

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Contract Leads

Within the next development phase of the LCRIG website we will be providing the opportunity for members to upload their Tender and Contract opportunities.  LCRIG will also provide links to Procurement Portals.  In the meantime, if you would like LCRIG to share announcements or notifications of ‘Meet the Buyer’ days or any other announcements please contact us.

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